Steven Wingert

Steven Wingert  is a pathological liar. I tried to break up with him several times but I was dumb & kept forgiving him. After I broke up with him in September he called (left several messages) & texted me, emailed me and Facebook messaged me begging me to get back together (several as in hundreds.) He has been vindictive and cruel because I refused to marry him several times because of the lies, fighting and betrayals. He went through mutual friends to get messages to me after I blocked him. I had to call the local police to help me get my personal & business belongings back.  I had to change my email address that I had for ten years and I had to change my phone number twice.

After I moved across the country, he withheld my mail causing me great financial difficulties (we shared a private commercial PO box.)  He knew my email address and figured out what my password was for my Pay Pal account. Then he gave it to someone who went into my account and refunded 6 different sales transactions which drained my bank account. He admitted he had both but he refused to say who actually did it. I talked to a pay pal supervisor who unfortunately doesn't track IP addresses but could only tell me it came from California (I'm in Florida.)

Steve acts likes an angel (literally) playing up the crowd with charm ...until you break up with him. He lied, betrayed & cheated on me and told his friends everything he did to me I was doing.

I got 4 other messages like this one from his friends that he told lies to so they would feel sorry for him.